The Soft Tap method of permanent cosmetics used by Denise is performed manually using a small hand held, non-electric implement. By applying pigments manually, the technician has complete control resulting in a very natural look. The softTap implements come pre-sterilized and are discarded in a sharps bio-hazard container following every procedure. In all applications, regardless of the instrument used, the technician behind the tool is what makes the procedure successful!

Assoft andnatural oras bold andbeautifulasyou want...


Micro-blading Eyebrow Technique

(aka: Feather Brows):

Micro-blading is a pulling or swiping motion with a set of slightly curved needles. The result? A fine line or scoring of the skin into which color is delivered by multiple needles being moved as they rotate through the skin in a slight curve. No tapping. It is used for fine, natural or individual looking hairstrokes.

Micro-blading Ombre Technique

Another option is to add "shading". This technique makes the brows appear a bit "softer" and typically will make the brow last longer, increasing the time between touch ups! (The brow starts lighter, feather strokes, in the frontal zone, gradually making the brow more solid towards the arch and tail.)

Micro-Blading Eyebrow Touch up: Feather brows tend to fade much quicker than a solid tattooed brow. Touch ups are required to maintain the crisp look of the brow. Maintanence can be .5 - 2 years after initial procedure.

Eyebrows (solid type brow):

That are too light, short, sparse or non-existent are created to frame your face; they create a lift and add expression to your face. This procedure is created by tapping pigment into the skin to create a uniform, solid brow. This procedure has more downtime (healing) but typically lasts much longer (5-8 years)

Eyelash Enhancement:

Can be top, bottom or both - just a subtle enhancement of your lashes (a very slight line or smudge of one color). All eyes benefit from fuller looking lashes and more defined eyes!


Enhances the shape of your eyes, creates the illusion of larger, properly spaced eyes. Can go as subtle or as dark & dramatic as you like to bring out the colour of your eyes.


Same as above but adds a second colour smudged on the top. Really "pops" eye colour!


Consultation Fee:

All procedures require a consultation prior to an actual procedure. This allows the technician to explain in detail the process, help choose the correct colors specifically for your skin type, to do "before" pictures and to do any template/design you specifically want. This fee is refundable towards your actual procedure upon completion if booked with in a month of the consult.

30 min - $40.00

Additional Information:

Upon Booking a procedure, a $100.00 deposit is required (in cash only please) that is FULLY refundable once your procedure is healed and you come in for your "after" picture.

*Micro Brows -$349

*Micro Ombre Brows -$399

*Solid Brows -$449

*Touch Ups 4-6 weeks after initial procedure $59

*Touch Ups 6 months-1 year after initial procedure - 1/2 price of initial cost

*Touch ups after 13 months will receive a 30% off loyalty discount


 *If you should change your mind from micro brow to ombre or solid after prior to your touch up, the cost difference will be added to your touch up service

*Eyelash Enhancement Top $210.00

*Eyelash Enhancement Bottom $210.00

*Eyelash Enhancement Both $400.00

*Eyeliner Top - $225.00

*Eyeliner Bottom - $225.00

*Eyeliner Both - $425.00

*Blended Eyeliner Top- $250.00

*Blended Eyeliner Bottom- $250.00

*Blended Eyeliner Both- $450.00


Why permanent cosmetics?

This does save you time and money in the long run! It is great for athletic people, people with poor eyesight, people with allergies and people with oily skin. There is no smudging, smearing or running of makeup, makeup looks fresh all day!

Is it painful?

With the use of a topical, the discomfort is greatly reduced. Most people describe it as irritating rather than painful.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing time is dependant on your dilligence to after care (provided to you) and your body's own abilities to heal. Generally it is from 4-10 days with full results in 2-4 weeks.

How often will I have to redo it?

Your new permanent cosmetics will last a lifetime. Generally the lighter and more natural you have it, the more likely you will want to periodically freshen up the color (any where from 1-7 yrs). The darker and more dramatic, the less you will notice fading. The softening of color that is associated with tattoos is sometimes very desirable with cosmetics, and the muting is a nice look without ever touching it up. Hot sunny climates will require touch ups sooner compared to rainy or winter climates. You will want to avoid skin peeling products such as retin-A or micro-abrasion directly over tattooed areas and I highly recommend the use of sunscreen to help maintain your color.

How long does the procedure take?

The initial consultation takes approximately 30 minutes and the procedures vary from 1 1/2 hr to 3 hrs.

How do you choose color?

We base on personal taste and color of eyebrow hair (not color of hair on your head). We also harmonize it to your skin tone and natural coloring.

Can I wear makeup over my permanent cosmetics?

After the initial healing (usually 10 days), by all means! It is entirely a personal choice.

What is the difference between micro-blading and tapping procedure for Eyebrows?

The permanent makeup tapping procedure is great for a solid or thick looking brow, it creates a beautiful shape and more of a designer type brow that will last a lot longer than a feather or micro-blade brow.

Micro-blading is a soft natural individual hair stroke type brow that is great for those who desire a brow that is very natural and soft looking. This brow will fade a lot quicker than the solid and you may have to do yearly touch ups dependant on how you take care of them.

BOTH are beautiful brows, it is entirely a personal choice!