This page is dedicated to the pampering we all deserve. Whether it is once in a life time, once a year or once a month, we all need a little TLC!


Smooth polishes basalt lava stones are heated and incorporated into your full body massage. Aromatherapy can be incorporated into the treatment as well. Melt away tension and enjoy warmth from head to toe! Heat wave is similar but are custom made stones that retain a more even temperatured heat and are contoured for a deeper tissue experience

1 hr - $121.00

1.5 hr - $151.00


Great for increasing blood flow to the scalp, relieving tension/headaches and problem scalps.(I.E: Psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, dry or oily scalp). A speciality blend of essential oils are combined to suite your needs and applied to the scalp with a thorough head/scalp massage including acupressure points. The scalp is covered with a plastic wrap, hydro-heated towels and a dry wrap. You are left for 10-15 min to allow the oils to deeply penetrate, then you have option to shower and shampoo at the clinic or leave on for additional treatment time and shower at your personal home.

30 minutes- $60.00


Invigorating rather then relaxing, aromatherapy epsom & sea salts or customized herbs gently scrub away old, dry winter skin. This is a particularly great treatment before Faux tanning (or regular tanning) for a beautiful even tone. After a scrub, clients shower and are finished with a hydrating lotion. Skin is baby soft and glowing! These are also great combined with a body wrap to really give your skin an extra treat!

1 hr - $85.00


Wraps are a great way to firm up excess skin, smooth out cellulite and remove unwanted toxins from your skin. They are relaxing but not for those who may be claustrophobic as you are wrapped up tight from head to toe!

Aroma wrap- A relaxing retreat of scented warmth! Your body is gently dry exfoliated, rubbed down from head to toe in a scented oil of your choice, wrapped up in hot moist sheets layered with warm dry blankets and a cooling eye pillow is placed across your eyes or forehead. You are left to relax for 20 minutes, listening to a trickling waterfall, and soothing music. This treatment has a combination of elements which ease stress, and balance the bodies energetic system to create a blissful state.

1 hr - 85.00

Herbal Wrap - Herbal wraps are profoundly relaxing and detoxifying. Hot herb-infused sheets induce a fever like purging, helping the body rid itself of toxins and excess fluid. Herbal wraps ease sore, aching muscles and relax muscular tension. Sheets are soaked in a herbal "tea" and wrapped around the body, creating a cocoon of deep relaxation. The herbal mixture is chosen for its detoxifying properties. It contains: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Calendula, Ginger, Allspice, Clove, Oat, Bran, and essential oils of Rosemary Cineol and Eucalyptus Globulus. 1 hr - $85.00

Mud Wrap - Experience the ultimate indulgence! You are dry scrubbed from shoulders to toes, slathered with rich warm "Moor Mud" and wrapped in 4 layers of warm blankets. We leave you to drift off for 20 minutes while the mud detoxifies your skin. After we unwrap you, you slip off to the shower to rinse off and we finish with a light aromatherapy lotion that hydrates and leaves your skin silky soft! Mud had been used for thousands of years for its excellent healing properties. Used for detoxifying, firming, reducing inflammation, easing sore muscles and also excellent for clearing impure skin (IE: acneac backs).1 hr - $100.00

Lymphatic Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap - This is a mineral rich gel, packed with potent herbal extracts, algae extracts and pure essential oils. These are combined to deeply penetrate the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. May also be used with lymphatic massage and is THE BEST when used in conjunction with the infrared sauna!

Seaweed Wrap - $110.00

Wrap & Sauna - $130.00 (75 min)

Wrap, infared sauna and Lymphatic Massage - $175.00

(15 min sauna, 1/2 hr massage, 3/4 hr wrap - 90 min total)